Sustainable Underwear UK: Why we need to lead the change

Until recently, underwear has been put on the backburner. It was always the afterthought to an outfit, the so-called side dish to the main meal, but recently, thanks to spending months at home, it’s been getting the recognition it deserves. 

With the realisation that being comfortable and feeling good are prerequisites to starting the day well, sustainable underwear has especially been given its time to shine, and although many people are switching to more conscious shopping habits, fast-fashion is still thriving.

As the UK is one of the most developed parts of the world, we believe it’s the responsibility of UK brands to lead the change in sustainable underwear.

Our ability to access the tools and resources needed to provide shoppers with sustainable options should be used to its full potential, so that ultimately, we can bring an end to the need for people to shop fast-fashion. 

A change in mindset

It’s not enough for brands to just offer more sustainable underwear options, there also needs to be a shift in mindset to make shoppers want to leave their unethical ways behind.

Our approach  to sustainable underwear is different.

As the first thing you put on in the morning, and the last thing you take off - we see underwear the most important choice you make when it comes to your comfort and confidence.

It should be considered an investment rather than something that is disposable, much like your favourite coat you’ve had for years, or that shirt you just can’t part with. 

To do this you need to know that you’re making a purchase that is high quality, a style that is timeless and so will make you feel good every time you put it on. Looking good is as much about the confidence you feel when you put something on. 

Why choose sustainable?

Sustainable underwear stands out as it’s designed with the wearer in mind, whilst fast-fashion items are made entirely for profit. 

Comfort, high quality fabrics, and a product designed to last are just some of the benefits.

For some people, the knowledge that they are having a positive impact on the planet is enough. 

And as people become more aware of sustainable underwear, the sustainable movement is gaining momentum, but the real reason we should choose sustainable underwear over fast-fashion is because the products are almost always better. 

The issue that surrounds sustainable underwear is that it’s treated as being ‘more expensive’ when it’s compared to cheaper alternatives. 

Of course, that may be what it seems on the surface, but when you look a little deeper, it’s a lot more than that. 

Sustainable underwear is better value

What is better value - £5 for something that is uncomfortable that you don’t want to wear again, or £10 for something that you look forward to putting on every day?

What about something you wear a handful of times vs something you keep for as long as you can? We’ve all got those things sitting in our drawer that we bought impulsively because it was cheap and it looked nice, only to try it on once and never wear it again.

You get a little serotonin boost from buying something new, but not the value of repeated enjoyment of a good decision. 

What’s next?

We really believe that sustainable underwear is an opportunity to spark real change in the overall approach towards fashion entirely - we just think it’s appropriate to start from the basics.

At the root of this, we think the key driving force to making this change is through building a community of individuals who have the same end goal - to make a more sustainable future of fashion. 

This will be done through working and collaborating with consumers, industry leaders and other sustainable underwear brands to set the market apart, with the aim of ultimately spanning globally to reach less-developed areas of the world.   

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