The ins and outs of sweat-wicking underwear

With summer fast approaching, it sparks the inevitable return to hotter, humid weather, which for many of us means one inevitable concern - sweaty underwear.

Dressing appropriately for the weather can be a tricky task, but we think that it’s best to start from the basics and work up. Luckily, there’s now underwear on the market to suit any occasion - and climate for that matter.


Fabric Matters

It’s something that’s often overlooked as having an impact on overall comfort levels in hot weather, but the fabric your underwear is made from can make all the difference to your comfort and confidence.

In the heat, you may find that your normal cotton underwear just doesn’t cut it. This is because cotton is not naturally breathable, so any heat generated by your body is trapped, making your underwear a very unpleasant (and unsanitary) sponge of moisture. 

To combat this, you need to ensure that you are wearing underwear that doesn’t absorb moisture, but instead moves it away from the body, so that you are left feeling cool and comfortable again.

Enter sweat-wicking underwear - the solution to all your sweat-induced worries.

Compared to conventional underwear, sweat-wicking underwear is a whole different ball game. As the name suggests, sweat-wicking underwear wicks sweat away from the body. It works by pulling the moisture away from the skin and out to the fabric’s exterior where it then evaporates, helping you stay cool and dry all day long.

 For this reason, sweat-wicking underwear works perfectly for sweat-inducing sports, activities, or for everyday use in hotter climates.


Happy Undies, Happy Body

To add to its physical benefits, sweat-wicking underwear has been found to be great for intimate health.

Common intimate issues like bacterial and yeast infections, inflammation, and itching can all stem from your choice of underwear and underwear fabric. So, you’ll be glad to hear that sweat-wicking underwear helps to prevent them all.

The naturally breathable properties found in sweat-wicking underwear allows for better absorption, which means that whilst you can’t prevent moisture forming in certain areas, you can facilitate the right method as to not cause any problems down there.

Your body is therefore able to regulate its temperature, which, according to research, can actually improve your body’s performance. 


Enter MicroModal

So, what makes a material sweat-wicking? Well, for a fabric to be naturally breathable it helps to be extremely light.

And whilst you might find this in poor-quality materials like Nylon and Polyester, this isn’t by design, it’s just that they’re cheap materials. And besides, you wouldn’t want either of those materials near your sacred spaces anyway.

For underwear especially, it is important that it’s constructed from a fabric that is not only sweat-wicking, but luxuriously soft on your skin.

The only contender for this has to be MicroModal.

Micromodal is one of the most breathable sweat-wicking fabrics in the world. It has exceptional temperature-regulating properties, allowing you to be comfortable in any weather. Because of its silk-like softness, it is the ideal fabric for underwear, loungewear, and any clothing close to the skin. This is why CAVALIER underwear is made from MicroModal fabric.

What is MicroModal Made From?

Micromodal starts with a base of rayon, which is comprised of the cellulose extracted from sustainably sourced beech trees. The cellulose is then treated in a closed-loop process, spun into a yarn, and used to make our silky-soft fabric. The fibers are tightly woven when making the fabric, which is what gives MicroModal it’s luxuriously smooth texture.

Is Cotton A Bad Choice for Underwear?

MicroModal and cotton fabrics both have their positive attributes. However, if you are a sweaty or active person, MicroModal will always surpass cotton. For starters, MicroModal is five times softer than cotton and 50% more sweat-wicking. It also looks good, retains its colourful luster, and is resistant to wrinkling and bunching.

At CAVALIER we are driven by both people and planet, so we also consider the environmental impact of our fabric choices. Compared to cotton, MicroModal uses far less land, water and 95% less chemicals to produce than cotton, and Lenzing, who make our MicroModal fabric, source their natural materials from sustainably forested beech tree nurseries.

So cotton might be suitable for the creation of some garments, but MicroModal is undoubtedly the perfect material for intimate wear - and when it looks as good as ours does, you’ll never see another pair of underwear in the same way again.

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