Wireless Bralettes - 6 reasons to say goodbye to wires forever


Throughout the last 12 months, there have been many changes.

We’ve ditched our routines, our lives have found a new normal, and comfort has taken precedence.

For the first time in forever, underwear has stolen the spotlight, and for women especially, it's been a transformative time for intimate preferences.

For those who weren’t already aware, the wireless bralette is here to stay, and it combines everything you love about a wired bra into one ultra-soft and durable garment.

It’s no wonder sales of wireless bralettes have risen 40% amid the pandemic, because women everywhere are realising that they don’t need to cut off their circulation in the name of fashion.

If this wasn’t reason enough to convert to wireless, we’ve rounded up our top 6 below; 

1. Versatility

The beauty of wireless bralettes is that they’re multi-functional. Is it a bra? Is it a top? How about both. 

Bralettes have shaken up social media, with influencers and non-influencers alike styling their bralettes under (or without) clothes. 

Especially for bralettes with fuller coverage like our high-neck bralette, you won’t even know its underwear. 

2. Comfort

Of course, one of the main reasons for wireless bralettes’ popularity comes down to comfort. 

Compared to wired bras, wireless ones allow for more free movement, whilst giving the same amount of support. It’s a win-win situation. 

This is why they’ve become the work from home uniform for many women, seamlessly transitioning from daywear to loungewear in a single garment.

3. Perfect for everyday use

What really sets wireless bralettes apart from the rest is their everyday use. 

Encapsulated through versatility and comfort, wireless bralettes are perfect for everyday wear, seamlessly fitting under almost any type of clothing. 

There’s a vast range of wireless bralettes on the market right now, many of which incorporate minimal design features (like in ours), seamless fabrics and earth-toned hues.

 Gone are the days of unsightly seams and unflattering silhouettes thanks to ill-fitting underwired bras.

4. No more sagging

Aside from their obvious aesthetic benefits, wireless bralettes have actually been found to have many health benefits for women.

Arguably the most important can be found in the fact that wireless bras prevent breast sagging. 

The construction of wireless bralettes allows you to move freely, whilst still offering reliable support. 

Now, instead of relying on underwires in conventional bras, wireless bralettes encourage the natural uplifting of the breasts themselves. So, they’re actually good for you, and the girls. 

 5. Longer lasting 

Every woman has been through the aggravating scenario of the ‘peeping wire’ -  when the wire has come out of your favourite bra, and no matter how much you try to coerce it back in, it stabs you every time you try to wear it.

As the name suggests, wireless bralettes do not have any wires, so this will never be an issue. 

Instead, wireless bralettes only need replacing once they have really seen better days. And, if they’re made out of long-lasting, premium quality like ours – this won’t be very often.

6. Sustainability made sexy

Whilst we’re on the eco-friendly front, wireless bralettes can be considered the more sustainable option.

It comes down to the reduced amount of waste that’s generated from wireless bralettes compared to conventional wired ones. 

When wired bras are discarded, their carcases, which are usually made up of plastic, are very hard to recycle, whilst wireless bralettes can easily be recycled and created into brand new ones. 

So, making the switch to wireless bralettes may have been one of the best things to come from the pandemic. If there’s one thing for sure, it’s definitely here to stick around.

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