Setting out to change the world can be daunting (and a little lofty), so we started with the basics - underwear. It comes from a sector that is doing irreparable damage to the environment, and is often advertised in a way that makes us feel bad about our differences and imperfections. It's time to rethink underwear.

We know that brands have the power to affect change in the world, and believe that it is our purpose to have a positive, lasting legacy on both people and planet.

To be more CAVALIER is to be confident, bold, and fearless in challenging the status quo. That means using the bodies and faces of real people in all of our advertising, and using representation to empower love and confidence.

To be more CAVALIER is to respect, learn from, and take responsibility for our planet. The sustainable fabrics we use are inspired by nature, and ensure our planets' health and future. They also feel great, with form-fitting silk-like softness that inspires confidence and sensuality.

To be more CAVALIER is to treat people as we would wish to be treated ourselves. Our supply chain is completely transparent, and we are proud partners of MAS Intimates who craft our underwear. MAS operate to the highest ethical standards, so you can be certain of the fairness and equality that your purchase assures.

Who said sustainable couldn't be sexy? It's time to rethink underwear.