Values, Factories, and Sustainability

What are the values that drive CAVALIER?

What efforts are you making to protect and sustain the environment?

Where are CAVALIER garments made?

Is your packaging recyclable/biodegradable?

Do your shipping practices consider the environment?

How do you choose the people who model CAVALIER garments?


What size underwear am I in CAVALIER?

What size bralette am I in CAVALIER?

What if I order the wrong size by mistake?

I can’t find my size?

Product Care

How should I care for my underwear in the washing machine?

Payments and Discounts

What forms of payment does CAVALIER accept?

Can I bundle promotions for a single order?

What currency are your prices in?

Can I purchase a gift card?

Friend Referral

How does CAVALIER’s friend referral work?