CAVALIER is not a sustainable fashion brand.

We just think fashion can be done better.


The fashion industry is as dirty as it gets. Globally, it is responsible for ~10% of the world's carbon emissions, and nearly 20% of wasted water. 

It doesn’t need to be this way, but the growing demand for fast-fashion is encouraging businesses to put profit over the prosperity of garment workers & the health of our planet.

So much of this environmental damage happens at the raw fibre stage, which meant that choosing the right fabric was un important to us. CAVALIER underwear is made from Micro Modal - a breathable, form-fitting fabric made from sustainably grown beech trees.

The trees are harvested in Europe, where their fibers are extracted and spun into yarn. The process uses far less land, 20 times less water, and 95% less chemicals than cotton, making it far kinder to the planet. Learn more about Micro Modal here.

Reinforcing our ongoing commitment to working with responsible fabrics, all our underwear is made with sustainably sourced Micro Modal which requires less water, land and chemicals to manufacture compared to cotton or bamboo.

Our factory partner is MAS Holdings of Sri Lanka, who are wholly aligned to CAVALIER’s commitment and vision of creating a fair working world.

Beyond future-oriented fabrics, we balanced our love of design with our desire to keep environmental impact minimal. We have taken every opportunity to use recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging and materials. We believe nothing should be fast or throwaway.


We hope that our fit guide will result in less returns. Our team is also on hand for any questions you have finding the best size for your body. Our aim is to minimise the need for ordering multiple sizes, in turn reducing product waste and carbon emissions through additional transport.

CAVALIER is by no means perfect, but we are committed to operating with complete transparency so that you know exactly what our products are made from, who is crafting them, and how our garments are transported. We are still learning and we will share our progress as we grow.